Sunday, January 31, 2010

Todays Game Summary

Dont let the score fool you, the Pens owned this game.........Jimmy Howard stood on his head to keep this one close. The play that Goligoski made to assist on Crosby's goal was unbelievable! And Crosby buried it for his 34th goal of the season. I think that the Penguins played almost 3/4 of the game in the offensive zone of the Red Wings, launching 47 shots on goal today, while giving up 24. I thought that Kris Letang played an outstanding game with six shots on goal, Goligoski looked confident moving the puck and making plays, and it seemed like the entire team played with some jump. I did not like the move putting Staal on the same line with Geno though, for what that is worth. I really like the third line of Staal, Kennedy and Cooke staying intact as this line just creates so much energy.........Letestu did not look lost by any means there, but I still prefer Johnson and Fedotenko with Malkin. The Penguins are now 4-2 in the first half of the twelve game run until the Olympics, with games upcoming tomorrow with Buffalo, then games over the weekend with Montreal and Washington, before finishing the stretch against the Islanders, Rangers, and Predators. Every two points matters, but the five conference games, and in particular the Rangers and Capitals games are very large for the Pens. Going 4-2 for the second half of this stretch would be great for the Penguins as we hit the break. I am curious to see how the Pens handle a hot Buffalo team tomorrow night after playing Detroit today. On a final note, the Penguins are now 7-0 in shootouts this season, which is a huge number, adding 14 points to the Penguins in the standings................I think that the daily shootout after practice leading to the losers being named Mustache Boy, or Juice Boy have had an impact. On that note, Bill Guerin no longer looks like Frito Bandito as his month as Mustache Boy came to an end. It is now Ruslan Fedotenko who gets that distinction.

Scenes from the Igloo-Pens win 2-1

The last time Mako and Grabcock shared close that what constipation looks like?
Jordan Staal had a nice game front of the cage raising hell~

Coach Grabcock, sitting in our section.........tried to check his ticket, but no sense of humor!

The Igloo..........

The Infamous Hosebag jersey signed by the entire 09-10 Penguins......minus Jay McKee

Todays Enemy

A message below to the Motor City from your friends in Pittsburgh!

Not much needs to be said today. A battle between two teams who have played for the Stanley Cup against each other for the past two season, splitting the winnings needs no introduction. Neither team has been as good as advertised this year, and it is the NBC game of the week, so there should be some fireworks today. Add some of the whiny commentary from losers like Kid Raper and Prickless Lidstrom, and you have some extra piss and vinegar added to the mix. I guess these two assclowns thought that the Pens immediate on ice celebration after winning the Stanley Cup had to fit their schedule, as I guess you cant wait around all night when you have important things to do like cancelling the Championship Parade.................that really was a heart breaking moment for me.........Good Luck today Pens, and we won't be mad if little Kris or Nik eats a slapper from the point, really we won't! GO PENS!

Kid Rapers Fine Whine!

Hey Kris, Sid says he's got something YOU can SHAKE! Perhaps if you and Prick Lidstrom had any class you would have waited a moment for a team to celebrate its first Stanley Cup together.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last Time we saw the Dead Things look what happened

Another "Accidental" Dirty hit by a Crapital

After a series of unpunished dirty hits by the Geico Cave Man, Colon Campbell finally punishes one of the hollywood young guns from the Craps with a 3 game suspension for this "accident." I would love to see Green take a nasty elbow to the face and SOON. Please!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here come the Dead Things!

Okay, as I noted earlier there are three teams(and their fans) that we LOVE to HATE as Pens fans, the Flyers, Capitals and Red Wings. Well, we get to see those hated Wings on Sunday afternoon, and I am sure several of those pompous, but unemployed fans of theirs as well. As Sunday approaches, I will do my best to relive some of the glory of taking the beloved silver chalice right out of the hands of these fruitbats, as well as do everything I can to stir up the hate. I know, it is shocking, but hey, WTF else do I have to do???!!!


Despite the fact that Chris Neils hit on Mark Eaton tonite was perfectly legal, we think Marks mom is pissed!
Well, I came to the igloo tonite with good friends, full of high hopes for a third win in a row, and some space between the Pens and Sens in the Eastern Conference to result from a Penguins win. I was even more sure of this as the suddenly red hot Evgeni Malkin buries a goal very early in the first period! I did not know at the time that there would be almost nothing else to cheer about for the rest of the night. The Ottawa Senators looked sharp, and like a team poised to climb in the standings as they won their 8th game in a row..........The Penguins did not look that bad offensively, but Elliott was strong in the net for the Sens, and Fleury, well he SUCKED tonite. Not hatin, just sayin. Two of the three goals were very soft, and demoralizing, the third seemingly sucking the remaining air out of the Penguins sails..........Also, anybody tired of seeing Martin Skoula play defense about as effectively as a bag of dicks? Seriously, do the Pens coaches really think that Ben Lovejoy or Derek Engellend could be any more of a liability than the great Martin Skoula? I believe both are UFAs at the end of this season, and if I am Ben or Derek, and I dont think the big club has enough faith in me to play better than a bag of dicks like number 41, I am not sure how interested I am in staying if I have other options. I cannot understand why Bylsma and crew do not want a 10 game look at one or the other or hell even both, as they could not possibly be worse that Skoula. I may not be worse than Skoula, and couldn't (and wouldn't) beat a bag of dicks! Oh well, time to focus on those whiners from the closest thing to Beirut we can offer in the good old US of A. Pens, dont disappoint us Sunday.........pound those Ded Things into the ice, PLEASE!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Two in a Row!!

It is time to make a move in the Conference!
Staal versus Staal

Jordan Staal plus thirteen for the year!

With the Penguins missing Max Talbot, Bill Guerin(their top scoring winger), Chris Kunitz, and Alex Goligoski along with Marc Andre Fleury playing his first game in over a week, the prospects of the Penguins gaining another important victory against an Atlantic Division rival looked a little grim. Especially with the Rangers coming off of two games in which they were shutout, I really thought the Pens were in for a rough ride. It was nice to see the Penguins come out and take another victory to pull within 4 points of the Division leading New Jersey Devils, who have cooled off considerably. It is utterly amazing to me that the Pens are within striking distance of the Devils despite a very rough stretch of play and getting swept by the Devils in the first four games of the season series. The Devils have played three fewer games than the Penguins so that number is a bit decieving, but with two more head to head games, the Penguins have a chance to catch the Devils if they stumble a bit. Winning the division would guarantee the Pens a top three seeding in the NHL's second season. It was good to see the Penguins put two games together on the road in which their special teams were a big part of the reason that they won. After a horrible stretch, Evgeni Malkin now has 10 points in his last 5 games, as does Sidney Crosby. Marc Andre Fleury played a solid game and now has three more days to heal his fractured finger, and work in his new leather. It is good to see the Penguins have gone 3-1 in the first third of a twelve game stretch prior to the Olympics that includes 11 games with divisional or conference rivals all in the playoff picture and the twelfth against the Detroit Red Wings. If they can go into the Olympics taking 6 of the next 8, they will have made a significant move in the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference. Next up is Ottawa, a suprise team that is only 7 points behind the Pens in the Eastern conference with a game in hand, so a very big contest for the flightless birds. Here is to hoping they can go on a little run as they are about to face Ottawa, Detroit, Buffalo twice, the Capitals, Islanders, and Canadiens in the next couple of weeks. Every game but Detroit brings a four point swing in the playoff race. With Buffalo and Washington the top two teams in the conference, and the rest in striking distance of the Pens, some very critical games are upcoming. GO PENS!!

Amazing stat of the night-The Penguins power play clicks at 19.7% with Sergei Gonchar in the lineup..................and 7.6% without him..............You think they are going to find a way to sign the Sarge?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

BBG and the STACHE

Apparently, if you listened to Dan Carcillo, Guerins mustache has joined shiny objects, nouns, little boys, and GEDs as an object of his fascination!


I would say this chick needs a little help regaining a grip on reality.............c'mon punkinhead!
Mommy, why do you make me wear this shit?

Could not pass this up..........Carter must be playing with a longer stick.

Game winner for CookE tonite!

Mike the Rupper scared poor little wannabe tough guy Carcildo tonite...........Hey, Danny may ride the short bus but he was smart enough to avoid getting HAMMERED tonite by Rupp.

Not sure who I hate more, the Flyers or the Capitals and their fans, but man do I hate them BOTH! As the Wachovia Center rocked with that creative chant it took someone in Philly a month to think of, the Penguins again send them home smelling like a mixture of old Cheez Wiz and urine. Even better THEY are whining about the is the same old, same old............the officials were horrible for both sides, but sorry ladies GAGME did grab Geno before Captain Faggo scored the goal that was waved off..........that is how it works folks. Calls were missed for both sides including Pronger boarding Crosby in the first period so lets just call it what it was, another Penguins victory v Philadelphia. My favorite player Dan Carcillo could not find a player with a womans name to fight, so the alleged tough guy declined an early invitation from Mike Rupp..........he truly is a joke. I am also amused at how Aaron Asham claims to have been bit by Cooke. Yo Adrian, remember when you all jumped up to defend Hartnell by saying that if you put your fingers in another player's mouth you get bit, well I love how you break out the crying towels when it comes back your way. Also, while we are crying, please note that you got a break when the linesman called that play offside, it wasn't. In addition in the same scrum, ASSHAM was the only one throwing punches and the penalties even out? The phantom hooking call against Gonchar at the end of the game to give the Cryers a chance to tie it?? Are you kidding me?? Come on ladies, unruffle your skirts and accept reality. The bottom line is this, the Flyers were 1 for 9 on the power play, and surrendered 2 power play goals in 6 chances against the leagues worst road power play, and LOST. It is always nice to send the Flyers fan home crying, and so it is, again. This was a nice road win at a time when it was needed, and I was especially happy to see Matt Cooke get the game winner! Nice job Cookie, and if you bit ASSHAM make sure you brush well and floss tonite, and double up on the tetanus shots.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Leave your mark tomorrow Geno!

Thanks Again Cookeeeee

Now it is Philly Time Again.....Lets go Pens!

Found in Washington Post on DC Bog

Pens, Pins and Hosebag

Krista and.......MR KENNEDY!!!!KENNEDY!!!!!
Mako and the God of Thunder!

Ali and Talbot!

We had the privilege of taking our family and another to a great charity event last night, involving the Penguins players, and again we were reminded what good guys these folks are. Each lane had a Penguins player as the captain of their team, and this was drawn in a random manner. We were lucky enough to get Matt Cooke, one of our favorite players, and even more so after getting to know him a bit. Not only is he very entertaining on the ice, but man is he a great guy and family man off the ice. His Cooke Family Foundation of Hope contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities, just as he and his wife Michelle contribute time and effort to the local chapter of Make A Wish. Matt, has two children, five year old Jackson, 8 year old Reece Lynn, and 17 year old Gabby. We all enjoyed the chance to meet him, and learn more about he and his family, while watching him interact with all of the kids. That demon like on ice persona gives way to a very engaging, sincere and family oriented guy. During the event all of the players interact with the participants, and all were EXTREMELY nice to talk to. The most engaging personalities that we met included Matt Cooke, Max Talbot, Craig Adams, Marc Andre Fleury, Mike Rupp, Jordan Staal, Brent Johnson, Sidney Crosby, bill Guerin, Mark Eaton, Chris Kunitz, and Tyler Kennedy. TK was particularly fond of the ink on my arm, and I got the impression he may call Steve Morris for some kind of Pens ink for himself. Some other highlights were a long conversation with Tony Granato about the night I got engaged. We stayed at what was then the Hyatt Hotel in Chatham Center on a game day when the Pens played the Rangers in 1988. On my back from parking the car, I got in the elevator with Tony Granato who was a winger for the Rangers at that time, and Rudy Poeschek, a VERY nasty enforcer. Poeschek made a comment about me jingling my keys, I of course made a very nasty remark back in the hopes that the mangling which could result would retire me from the work force early. Instead, Rudy allowed me to exit the elevator with my life! Granato seemed to get a kick out of the story, not really recalling it, but acknowledging that it sounded legit given the fact that 1988 was the only year he played with Rudy, and knowing Rudys personality!

In the end, lots of money was raised for the cause, and I got my HOSEBAG jersey signed by the whole team by telling Matt that if the team signed it, I would buy it by way of auction for a very nice sum as a way of making a contribution. In addition, we won a signed Malkin stick and were able to give it to a young Malkin fan with a life threatening illness. The excitement that he and his father showed when he got the stick made our night! Enjoy it Jared, and we are thinking about you! It was all in all a very memorable evening, so thanks to the Pittsburgh Penguins, their wives and girlfriends, and most especially Cookie! I will enjoy his agitation of our foes just a bit more after last night! PS, John if you are out there Mad Max Talbot loves that you wore his jersey over your tux for part of your wedding reception and wants photos!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two ways to think

One can only dream.........

First, I will talk about the good signs from this game............Geno played his second strong game in a row for the first time since I can remember, posting a 3 point night, assisting on all three goals by the Pens......His assist on Letangs goal combined his tremendous talent, with some really good hustle. Kris Letang looked sharp, and Nick Johnson, despite one huge mistake, did not look out of place out there tonite. I am not sure there was a whole lot more to be excited about.....The Pens played the hottest team in the NHL straight up for forty minutes of intense playoff style hockey......the only problem for the Pens is that the game is played for 60 minutes! No reason to panic at this point, but there is some cause for concern...........The Penguins have continued to have the same issues cost them games for a month now:

Their Power Play is pathetic..............the Pens went 0 for 4 with the man advantage mustering six shots............the Caps were 2 for 2 only needing 2 shots to score 2 goals;

The Penguins were very sloppy in their own zone, were pressured into mistakes by the Capitals relentless forecheck, and missed defensive assignments;

The Penguins seemed unable to stem the tide once the Capitals tied the game in the second period, and really sagged after a mistake by Nick Johnson playing in his first NHL game resulted in a breakaway goal............when the Pens are on they respond to those types of plays with a quick answer;

This team has just seemed off for a month now..........they have the personnel to be an elite team, but truly have been mediocre for weeks........they lack the swagger of a champion right now, and I dont know why. If you really look at this team, they are barely above .500 since their 9-1 start. After the first ten games, the Penguins have been 22-19-1, which means they have won 2 games more than they have lost since late October. This is hardly the stuff of champions. The fact that the power play is so horrible just continues to mystify me as well. I think we will know a lot about the Pens over the next couple of weeks as noted based on the fact that the schedule brings all strong teams and divisional or conference rivals. We will know if the Pens are a playoff ready team, or if they need to make some moves in order to make a strong run again in the spring.
By way of adding detail to the above statement about the Pens mediocrity since the start of the season, I will give their record by the month:
October: 11-3
November: 8-6
December: 7-5-1
January: 5-6

Report- Laraque Done In Montreal

Report- Laraque Done In Montreal

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Back to is what I do!

They actually do call Semin, "Jizz!" That is funny to me.....

The refection in the mirror says it all........another pblog classic.

Cool Tim Hortons commercial featuring Crosby

Hey, this video is worth a look......amazing how much hockey is part of the fabric of life in Canada. This is a good time to make a couple of notes after recent discussions with some of the folks who take the time to read this stuff.......first, the headings without text on these pages are actually links to YouTube videos.......second, the post go back almost a year, and you can (if you want) go back page by page by clicking "older posts" on the bottom of each page, or by clicking on headings to the right hand side of the page.

Finally, as I noted in my bio, this blog is really meant to be a place for me to memorialize my thoughts and feelings as each Pens season progresses for the the sake of memories, and to share a collection of photos, videos and articles either done by me, or found on many of the better, more established outlets, so that NORMAL people can see these things without having to spend hours looking for them. We are almost one year in, and there are not many formal "followers" of this blog, but I am told by some folks that they actually tune in, and I am glad. I would love to see this thing become a bit more interactive, so anybody who is interested please feel free to sign up as a follower, and add comments or criticisms of anything posted here, or email any other videos, articles, or photographs that you think are relevant. If you do not have my email address, post a comment identifying yourself and asking for that email, and I will send it out to you. If it is only for a small group of like minded hockey fans, I would love to see this site evolve into something a bit more interactive. As many of you know, I am not very technical so any suggestions as to better ways to post, or easier ways to interact, feel free! Thanks for reading this and contributing to the madness!